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Feilding, New Zealand



City/Town : Latitude: -40.2266885, Longitude: 175.566543611111


   Name   Location 
1.Feilding CemeteryManawatu, New Zealand


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bishop, Allan Keith  1911Feilding, New Zealand I60
2 Bishop, Basil Tui  1912Feilding, New Zealand I61
3 Bishop, Donovan Leslie John  1902Feilding, New Zealand I54
4 Bishop, Dulcinea Celia  1905Feilding, New Zealand I56
5 Bishop, Lavinia Kate "Kate"  26 Nov 1914Feilding, New Zealand I64
6 Bishop, Mana Huia  1912Feilding, New Zealand I62
7 Bishop, Vaunie Winifred  17 Oct 1908Feilding, New Zealand I58
8 Bishop, William  8 May 1904Feilding, New Zealand I55
9 Bishop, Winifred Rowena Emilie  1900Feilding, New Zealand I53
10 Cleland, Ida Edith Anne  8 May 1908Feilding, New Zealand I156
11 Mai, Alice Beatrice Dallison  20 Dec 1890Feilding, New Zealand I2174
12 Mai, Mary Louisa  2 Oct 1892Feilding, New Zealand I2175
13 Mai, Valerie Jean  23 Jan 1959Feilding, New Zealand I2296
14 Mingins, Arthur Ernest  31 Jan 1921Feilding, New Zealand I2474
15 Mingins, Catherine Elsie  3 Sep 1917Feilding, New Zealand I2393
16 Mingins, Douglas Gordon  31 Jul 1914Feilding, New Zealand I2443
17 Mingins, Eric Noel  12 Feb 1923Feilding, New Zealand I2394
18 Mingins, Henry Hector  3 Jul 1919Feilding, New Zealand I322
19 Mingins, James Henry  1886Feilding, New Zealand I2290
20 Mingins, Sylvia Merle  25 Jul 1917Feilding, New Zealand I2473
21 Mingins, William Mathias  1890Feilding, New Zealand I2292
22 Pedley, William George  10 Jan 1906Feilding, New Zealand I249
23 Poad, Herbert John  Feilding, New Zealand I1674
24 Sandbrook, Norma June  16 Nov 1922Feilding, New Zealand I106
25 Smith, Alice Esma  14 Jul 1916Feilding, New Zealand I2177
26 Wildbore, Ethel May  23 Feb 1910Feilding, New Zealand I194
27 Wildbore, Leslie George  24 Apr 1900Feilding, New Zealand I200
28 Wildbore, Lillian Doris  21 Oct 1907Feilding, New Zealand I193
29 Wildbore, Maurice Frederick  9 May 1904Feilding, New Zealand I191
30 Wildbore, Nada Venus  17 Mar 1929Feilding, New Zealand I1751
31 Wildbore, Victor John  22 Oct 1896Feilding, New Zealand I198


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Mingins, William James  7 Oct 1952Feilding, New Zealand I2392


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Ayers, Frances Lily Horton  24 Aug 2001Feilding, New Zealand I117
2 Dallison, Celia  1908Feilding, New Zealand I29
3 Dallison, Emily Jane "Jane"  6 Mar 1942Feilding, New Zealand I32
4 Edwards, Mary Catherine  4 Dec 1892Feilding, New Zealand I315
5 Hendericksen, Louisa Sophia  3 May 1910Feilding, New Zealand I2170
6 Mai, Hans Petersen  17 Nov 1948Feilding, New Zealand I2171
7 Mai, Neils Petersen  17 May 1877Feilding, New Zealand I2172
8 Mingins, Arthur Ernest  2 Feb 1921Feilding, New Zealand I2474
9 Mingins, Catherine Elsie  30 Jun 1939Feilding, New Zealand I2393
10 Mingins, Ruth  26 Jun 1894Feilding, New Zealand I2287
11 Mingins, Thomas  31 May 1937Feilding, New Zealand I320
12 Mingins, William Mathias  14 May 1926Feilding, New Zealand I2292
13 Natzke, Myrtle Ivy  28 Apr 1984Feilding, New Zealand I227
14 Pask, Mary  30 Apr 1965Feilding, New Zealand I2598
15 Penberthy, Alice Edith  8 Sep 1973Feilding, New Zealand I321
16 Sandbrook, John James Joseph  8 Sep 1981Feilding, New Zealand I104
17 Wildbore, Ethel May  7 Aug 1990Feilding, New Zealand I194
18 Wildbore, Frederick Lee  2 Dec 1934Feilding, New Zealand I98
19 Wildbore, George Charles  Apr 1976Feilding, New Zealand I190
20 Wildbore, Harold Alfred  27 Jul 1971Feilding, New Zealand I197
21 Wildbore, Lillian Doris  11 Feb 1990Feilding, New Zealand I193
22 Wildbore, Percy Dallison  20 Jul 1967Feilding, New Zealand I41
23 Wildbore, Stanley Edward Dallison  13 Jun 1967Feilding, New Zealand I38


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Ayers, Frances Lily Horton  28 Aug 2001Feilding, New Zealand I117
2 Bishop, John Frederick  Feilding, New Zealand I52
3 Bishop, Mana Huia  Feilding, New Zealand I62
4 Bishop, William  Feilding, New Zealand I55
5 Boness, Venus Mary  7 Jun 1952Feilding, New Zealand I189
6 Cleland, Ida Edith Anne  6 Jan 1934Feilding, New Zealand I156
7 Dallison, Celia  Feilding, New Zealand I35
8 Edwards, Mary Catherine  1892Feilding, New Zealand I315
9 Johnson, Ellen  14 Sep 1971Feilding, New Zealand I226
10 McCord, Ellen "Nell"  27 Mar 1986Feilding, New Zealand I328
11 McKenzie, Mary Eleanor Annie  29 Jul 2004Feilding, New Zealand I433
12 Miller, Ivey Annie Isabel  3 Jul 1985Feilding, New Zealand I219
13 Mingins, Arthur Ernest  2 Feb 1921Feilding, New Zealand I2474
14 Mingins, Catherine Elsie  2 Jul 1939Feilding, New Zealand I2393
15 Mingins, Eric Noel  10 Jun 1971Feilding, New Zealand I2394
16 Mingins, Henry  Feilding, New Zealand I319
17 Mingins, Lydia  28 Mar 1927Feilding, New Zealand I2285
18 Mingins, Ruth  1894Feilding, New Zealand I2287
19 Mingins, Thomas  Feilding, New Zealand I320
20 Mingins, William Mathias  16 May 1926Feilding, New Zealand I2292
21 Penberthy, Alice Edith  10 Sep 1973Feilding, New Zealand I321
22 Pentney, John Alfred  16 Sep 1995Feilding, New Zealand I251
23 Rowe, Barbara Alice  29 Aug 2013Feilding, New Zealand I575
24 Wildbore, Elsie Annie  13 May 1913Feilding, New Zealand I980
25 Wildbore, Frederick Lee  4 Dec 1934Feilding, New Zealand I98
26 Wildbore, George Charles  13 Apr 1976Feilding, New Zealand I190
27 Wildbore, Gilbert Harold  10 Apr 1993Feilding, New Zealand I432
28 Wildbore, Maurice Frederick  18 Sep 1964Feilding, New Zealand I191
29 Wildbore, Percy Dallison  22 Jul 1967Feilding, New Zealand I41
30 Wilson, Eliza  15 Apr 1890Feilding, New Zealand I162


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Court    Person ID 
1 Wildbore, William Alfred  12 Feb 1895Feilding, New Zealand I100


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Cremated    Person ID 
1 Mingins, William James  15 Nov 1984Feilding, New Zealand I2392


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Event-Misc    Person ID 
1 Guy, Emma Lydia  1893Feilding, New Zealand I95


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Membership    Person ID 
1 Wildbore, Charles Edward  Aft 1883Feilding, New Zealand I36


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Naturalization    Person ID 
1 Mai, Claus Petersen  26 Nov 1890Feilding, New Zealand I2169


Matches 1 to 16 of 16

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Ayers, Frances Lily Horton  1935Feilding, New Zealand I117
2 Bishop, John Frederick  1914Feilding, New Zealand I52
3 Boness, Venus Mary  1928-1935Feilding, New Zealand I189
4 Dallison, Celia  1914Feilding, New Zealand I35
5 Johnson, Ellen  1928-1935Feilding, New Zealand I226
6 Natzke, Myrtle Ivy  1928Feilding, New Zealand I227
7 Natzke, Myrtle Ivy  1935Feilding, New Zealand I227
8 Patterson, Ethel Jane  1935Feilding, New Zealand I218
9 Wildbore, Frederick Lee  1928Feilding, New Zealand I98
10 Wildbore, Leonard Alfred  1928Feilding, New Zealand I192
11 Wildbore, Leonard Alfred  1935Feilding, New Zealand I192
12 Wildbore, Maurice Frederick  1928-1935Feilding, New Zealand I191
13 Wildbore, Percy Dallison  1928Feilding, New Zealand I41
14 Wildbore, Percy Dallison  1935Feilding, New Zealand I41
15 Wildbore, Reginald Mervin  1928-1935Feilding, New Zealand I47
16 Wildbore, William Alfred  1935Feilding, New Zealand I100


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Will    Person ID 
1 Wildbore, Charles Lee  6 Oct 1905Feilding, New Zealand I87


Matches 1 to 6 of 6

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Ducker / Mingins  8 Mar 1896Feilding, New Zealand F746
2 Maddison / Gosling  6 Jun 1912Feilding, New Zealand F1123
3 McMurtrie / Wildbore  3 Apr 1945Feilding, New Zealand F259
4 Wildbore / Crook  23 Aug 1949Feilding, New Zealand F213
5 Wildbore / Hasse  22 Dec 1894Feilding, New Zealand F76
6 Wildbore / Natzke  30 May 1928Feilding, New Zealand F136

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