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    The information in this website, plus additional related information, is held and maintained by Roger Williams, 175A Meadowbank Road, Auckland, (roger[at] as part of his family history interest.

    Extracts from the database may be published, and a website is maintained at

    My aim is to share the information I have gathered on my ancestors, and encourage relatives to contribute to the pool of information. To achieve this, I am open with material I have gathered, in order that relatives I do not yet know may find a link and learn more about their family, and share a bit of their own knowledge. But information on this site is provided for personal research only. It should not be reposted or used for any commercial purpose without permission, and may only be used for non-commercial purposes in accordance with the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License or other specified terms. (See the information regarding Copyright.)

    Information on living people (other than bare names) is not currently posted to the website or otherwise published intentionally. (“Living people” includes persons for whom I have no record of death, and who cannot reasonably be determined to have been born over 100 years ago.) Details on living people will generally not be posted to this website or any other publication in future unless permission is granted by the individuals concerned, even where such information may be in the public record. Names of some living people may be published, generally as children or spouses of deceased persons, but these will be promptly removed on request. With several thousand individuals in the database, it is sometimes possible to miss some living persons and/or incorrectly code them, and I apologise for any offence in this respect.

    I do obtain information on living people from a variety of sources, including the public record, and other relatives.

    Information on living people may be shared privately with other researchers, or relatives who are providing assistance in confirming factual information or other activities that I am satisfied are genuine and related to my genealogical interests. However, where such information is shared, it will be on the basis and understanding that a policy similar to the above will be followed by that other person in respect of any publication.

    You may request a copy of all the information I hold relating to you.

    Individuals are invited to correct, amend, or expand on the information I hold. Additional features of interest (e.g. occupation/employment, educational social or other achievements or activities) may be added. Photographs are also gratefully received.

    Users should note that certain material, particularly of a sensitive or controversial nature, relating to deceased people may be held but not published on this site. This may be shared with genuine researchers, at my sole discretion, and subject to undertakings to maintain a similar confidential approach.